Do all imacs have firewire cable for mac

How do i connect new imac 27 to 2006 macbook pro imac. You would need a 9pin to 6pin cable, also known as a bilingual cable. The firewire400 cables are all you need i uses belkin or monster on my imac flatpanels and mac towers for hd and sd video import and editing. Target disk mode more info if you are happy with my answer, please click accept, if not please reply back before accepting best regards, ashik. To do this, you will need to boot one of the computers in target mode by rebooting that system and holding down the t key while it. We are after all, trying to figure out why sound is not getting to the tv from your imac. Highspeed data transfers between macs with thunderbolt. Which cable to transfer video from canon hv20 into 24 imac. Switched on the camcorder, launched movie maker, and importing all the old. Intel imacs have been out of 6 years, it would be helpful if we knew which imac you own. Neither imacs have thunderbolt, therefore you cannot connect thunderbolt devices such as this adapter to either imac.

Hi, i just ordered an imac to upgrade from my macbook pro. You would only use this method if it was the only choice available. However, 20 years later imac has served as apples most successful desktop mac while headless macs, including the xserve, g4 cube and mac mini, have sold so poorly that they were all effectively. For those of us who live the powerpc life style, firewire is your best friend. However, usb simply cant do every job we ask of it.

Firewire disk mode is the most straightforward, provided the imac has an available firewire port. Firstly, to easily connect the thunderbolt port on the computer to a firewire device, purchase a thunderbolt firewire adapter. How do i transfer data from my imac without thunderbolt only firewire to my new macbook air with thunderbolt. All current imacs have the same firewire port as any older one.

Got it to attach my focusrite sapphire pro firewire connection preamp to my new imac. I bought the apple certified cable from the apple store to go from a firewire 400 mini to the port of the firewire 800 on the back of the imac. The current retina macbook pros and mac mini have a dedicated hdmi port which you can connect a standard hdmi cable to, displaying your mac on your hdtv. How to transfer your old macs data to your new mac imore. Firewire also has an advantage of charging the device it is connected to while the transfer is still ongoing. However, ive just realised a little too late that the imac does not have firewire and my saffire pro 40 uses firewire 400. All new imacs and macbook airs do not have firewire ports, instead they use thunderbolt. Apple has dropped firewire 800 from most of its portable macs to save space but with. If you have an isight camera, you can use the firewire cable that comes with your isight camera to connect your computer to another mac to transfer files. For complete specs on a particular system, click on the name of the mac left column. If youd like to read more about connecting your mac and camera, go here.

I have not had any success yet with the ethernet switch and cables, so i would like to try it with a firewire cable and migration assistant. However, you can use a usb to ethernet adapter on both macs. We have gigabit ethernet so would be great to up my speed. Mac mini mac pro macbook air macbook pro macos catalina tvos watchos 6. To connect the imac to an apollo silver face, you need a firewire 800 to firewire 800 cable. How to connect macbook pro with firewire toms guide forum. If your machine has been made within the past 5 years it has a firewire 800 port. The recent generation imac s do not have a firewire 400 port. The cable in your original post will not work, as it is a firewire 400 to firewire 800 cable. Simply hold down the t key when you boot up and the mac in question, as long as it supports this mode, will boot into firewire target disk mode.

Firewire question for imac audiogon discussion forum. I currently use a 3 tbyte imac driving the system over wifi airplay. Also, what firewire cable do i need for my answered by a verified mac support specialist we use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Lets say you just got back from a successful craigslist run with this beauty. They have a firewire 800 port instead, which uses a 9pin connector. Upgradingreplacing early 2008 imac macrumors forums. Do i need a different firewire or some sort of adapter. Mac shops with significant firewire investment may not need a total. I have a mac mini with firewire and am wondering if there is any reason to use it in my hifi system. I have aperture running on my mbp and could use the extra screen on the imac. How do i connect two macs to share files using a firewire. I am yet trying to join my a1103, 2005 and my a47, 2010 apple mac s.

In its place is apples latest peripheral connector, usb 3. Use firewire with devices that connect using a firewire 400 or firewire 800 cable. There is another method of directly connecting macs using firewire or thunderbolt its called target disk mode tdm. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have. Macbook models introduced in 2015 or later have a single usbc port. Six lessons learned from dealing with an imacs dead ssd. Granite digital makes some good ones, although they are a bit more expensive than runofthemill cables. Bizlander firewire high speed premium dv to firewire cable 800 94b 800400 ieee 9 pin male to 4 pin male cable 6ft for mac pro, macbook pro, mac mini, imac pc,digital cameras, slr. For all that may want to know this is not compatible with thunderbolt 3 usbc connections. I want to import all my mini dv tapes onto imove or another fire that i can access on my computor.

Firewire, also known as ieee 94, is not a cable you usually find these days. If youre using a wireless keyboard, do not hold down the t key until you hear the startup chimes, then press and hold the t key, as outlined above. All ports are neatly lined up along the bottomleft corner of the imac as you face the rear, so theres no more groping under the desk to get at cable connections. Joining 2 macs using a firewire cable mac mini mid 2010.

Update the 2006 macpro was available with both or either firewire 400 and firewire 800 at different points of the year. For the silver face, if you have the the thunderbolt 1 card, if you install the thunderbolt software version of the uad software, it used to be the case that. Firewire is most often used to connect digital camcorders, external hard drives, and. Then in october, apple revealed a inch macbook pro and new imacs, all with the same limitation. How to connect canon vixia hv30 to imac april 2011. How do i transfer files from my old mac to my white imac. Aug 14, 2011 flag as inappropriate how do i transfer data from my imac without thunderbolt only firewire to my new macbook air with thunderbolt. Back when firewire was standard on the mac, it supported a number of features that made it possible to directly connect macs to one another and transfer data at high speeds. Apple has used two different versions of firewire in the imac and macbook pro lines, so you will need to make sure you have a firewire cable appropriate for both machines. Next, take a firewire cable and connect the mac in tdm to a running mac. Firewire cable 9pin4pin cable, firewire 800 9pin to firewire 400 4pin for canon panasonic sony camera camcorder connect to apple imac 27 macbook. How to migrate your old mac s data to your new mac. The mac in tdms disk drives should appear on the desktop of the running mac just like any other firewire volume.

Although firewire has all but disappeared, thunderbolt can offer the same functionality for modern macs with thunderbolt target disk mode and thunderbolt networking. A beginners guide to the ports on your mac computer skills. Some have a firewire 800 port that transfers data at up to 800 mbps. Get your thunderbolt, firewire, or ethernet cable ready direct connection is the fastest way to migrate your data from your old mac to your new. Any hack to use the firewire connection to get internet speeds faster than that. I need to connect a imac to a mac mini with a usb cable.

Both the imac that will be used as the display and the mac that will be the source should be turned on, then connect either the mini displayport cable or the thunderbolt cable to each mac. The first imac with thunderbolt is mid 2011 imac12,1. Pasow firewire 94b 800 ieee 9 pin to 9 pin male to male cable for mac pro, macbook pro, mac mini, imac pc,digital cameras, slr 9 pin to 9 pin 4. If you are not sure which mac you have, look it up by order number, model number, emc number, model identifier or serial number with s.

For all macs that match specific usb or firewire capabilities courtesy of s ultimate mac sort click the capability of interest right column. You can also connect a usbc power adapter and cable to charge your notebook computer. Popularized in the early 90s, it was the competing standard to usb for a long time, not unlike thunderbolt is today. Could you please inform me of the correct cables for this task mac mini mid 2010. I can use it on my older mac, but one thing not described here on this item is the thunderbolt 2. The problem originally developed by apple in 1999 the firewire 800 ports are available in nonretina macbook pro, mac mini, and mac pro. If you have a device that doesnt connect to this port, you might be able to use an adapter to connect it. A rare imac g3 in purple, with purple mouse and purple keyboard. If you have a firewire cable and would prefer to start with a clean install of applications and settings rather than using the migration assistant, the intelbased imac systems also can be connected to another firewire equipped mac by using firewire target disk mode. I have several hard drives total of 5 all daisy chained by firewire going into my imac.

You can also look in the specifications in your owners manual or you can click support in the upper right of this page and then choose tech specs. I have the same imac as you do but no tv thats convenient to try with an tb to hdmi adapter otherwise i would run a test. I have an macbook pro that i am running most of my programs on and wondered if i can hook it up to my 24 inch imac. If two points comprise a line, then the line made by these announcements indicates the end of. Use thunderbolt or thunderbolt 2 with displays and other devices that connect using a thunderbolt cable. Both models have firewire 400, and the newest ones have firewire 800. Can i hook up my new imac to my macbook via firewire and take some software from that and put it onto the imac. If a newer cable doesnt work, then the problem is elsewhere. I have maxed out ram and ssd so it is as fast as it can be. Check your mac to determine if you have fw400 or fw800 before purchasing any cable. They were first called firewire 400 but have since been updated to firewire 800. The usb and firewire capabilities of each recent g3 and later mac are listed below.

I ordered it directly from samsung to avoid amazon shipping delays and got it two days later. The problem now is that apple has dropped the firewire cable port. Continue to hold the t key until you see a firewire or thunderbolt icon on the mac s screen. The imac s hard drive then showed up on the macbook pros desktop, as. What is a firewire cable, and do you really need it. Using imac as an external monitor to my macbook pro. The canon vixia hv30 most definitely does not take a 6 to 4 pin firewire cable. Connect it to another mac with a firewire cable and. These mac models have thunderbolt or thunderbolt 2 ports. The isight camera used for chatting on the mac connects using a firewire cable. Beware, if you are looking for a thunderbolt 3 to firewire connector. Both work perfectly in fcp studio 2 and digitize fine with hdv firewire settings on my macbook. Doesnt work with current 2018 macs because its a thunderbolt 2 connection and not a thunderbolt 3 connector. In addition to connecting peripherals such as camcorders or external hard drives, firewire can be used to connect two computers to transfer files.

I have thunderbolt hard drive and my mac has firewire 800 port. Current imacs still have fw800 ports, but the current macbooks have dropped firewire entirely for thunderbolt io so wont work with firewire interfaces. It will connect to the thunderbolt port on your macbook pro computer to supply the highspeed connectivity of a firewire port. Make a firewire connection to upgrade your mac the new. Offering much faster speeds, even faster than usb 2. Therefore, just connect both imacs with a firewire 800 cable. You must have the firewire cable inorder to transfer the data from your imac to mac mini. In addition to video, the hdmi port on a mac will also transmit audio which makes using something like a mac mini as a media centre extremely tempting. After starting the imac in fwtdm, i moved the macbook pro over to the imac and connected it to the imac via a firewire cable. Use thunderbolt 3 with displays and other devices that connect using either a thunderbolt 3 cable or usbc cable. Both imacs imac7,1 and imac11,2 already have firewire 800. How to hook a up a macbook pro to an imac your business.

What firewire cable do i need to capture to new imac from. Please dont make recommendations if you do not own one and dont know for sure which cables are correct. How do i connect two macs to share files using a firewire cable. One relatively hasslefree way of moving the information from one mac os x machine to another is to link the two computers with a firewire cable and let the mac. I have close to 300,000 photos stored on these hard drives. I am trying to connect my mini dv sony handycam dcr pc9 to imovie through a firewire cable. If you dont have the required cable, you can use your local wifi network instead, but the process will be slower. The newer imac should supply sound to your tv the same way. My mac doesnt have a firewire connection, what do i do. Firewire has the advantage of being able to transfer power to the device through the. It also appears on all imacs and mac mini models in the apple.

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