Apple ipod touch 4th generation cracked screen repair

My boyfriend borrowed it at work one day and he said that it would not work at all. Pricing for ipod screen repair, battery replacement, outofwarranty repairs. Buy ipod touch 4 4th gen screen replacement and save. So it would indeed appear that for most people, what i have discovered about the ipod 4th gen white screen issue, is the problem. It was cracked very badly in many different places making it hard to use. The entire assembly with glass and digitizer available on. Get iphone 6 broken screen, lcd, camera etc repaired. Heres how to fix it restoring a very stubborn ipod touch. Broken screen repair, damaged button, speaker replacement and. If your screen cracks due to a defect, its covered by apple warranty and consumer law. Apple ipod touch fourth generation 16gb a67 mp3 repair. All of our ipod touch repair guides are detailed instructions for fixing a damaged screen or other internal parts.

Are you better off buying a replacement, or can it be repaired. I dropped my ipod touch 4g and the screen broke, also the touch screen doesnt work anymore, its not even a year old yet, but i didnt buy apple care for it will they replace the screen. Apple ipod touch fourth generation 16gb a67 mp3 repair services from batteries plus bulbs. Apple ipod touch 4th generation late 2010 black 8gb.

What you need to replace a 4th gen ipod touch digitizer and lcd. Replace your ipod touch 4th generations front panel assembly. Step by step directions on replacing the ipod touch 4 screen assembly, battery and more for the ipod touch 4g. Guaranteed apple ipod 6th generation touch repair services.

The metal plate that you will find attached to the old. My ipod touch does have a cracked screen, but it still worked fine. Below is a short video showing just how simple the process can be on an ipod touch 2nd or 3rd generations. So your precious ipod kissed the pavement, shattering its screen. How to replace a broken screen on a 4th generation ipod touch imore. How to replace a broken screen on a 4th generation ipod touch. Your ipod service might be covered by warranty, consumer law, or an applecare plan. Model a1059 or a1099 20, 40, or 60 gb hard drive touch sensitive click wheel ipod 4th generation or photo troubleshooting, repair, and service manuals. Other guides are available for reassembling a touch screen or for newer generations. We have been repairing the ipod touch 4th gen since they were first released by apple. Or we can help you with batteries, cracked screens, and other issues. We repair cracked glass metro detroit phone repair is the center of expertise for apple iphone 6 repairing services.

In this post i show how i replaced broken screen on my sons ipod touch 4th generation with camera. If you have an ipod shuffle, you can arrange for apple to ship you a replacement before you. They have quality parts, tools, and much more for all your repair needs. This will also help you with the ipod touch 4th generation screen repair video directions. Apple ipod repair ipod touch 6th generation repair. Will apple fix a broken ipod touch 4th ge apple community. Replacing broken screen on ipod touch 4th generation inside my. Replacing broken screen on ipod touch 4th generation. Apple iphone 6 repair, repair of crackedbroken screen. At first ipod touch 4th generation how to fix apps that wont open ipod touch iphone ipad iphone or ipad screen wont rotate.

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