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Love marriage ka mtlb apni girlfriend ko wife banana arrange marriage ka matlab. Here are some arguments for and against both these. An arranged marriage brings people who have been brought up with a similar belief system come together. In love marriages, couples get a lot of time to know each other or we can say that they decide on the tying the knot only after knowing each other. This debate has been raging on ever since the idea of marrying for love has become a common practice in india. Education in india vs education in abroad duration.

If you want to continue this discussion or have a follow up question, please post it on the network. Love marriages vs arranged marriages which one is better. Sachin nayak 032019 marriage is all about understanding between two. Refused by family facing financial problems matter of religion considered as a taboo amongst people sometimes discord arises childhood marriage 6. Love marriage ya arranged marriage explores the debate between love marriages and arranged marriages without taking sides. The west has generally done away with arranged matches, but the issue is still an unsettled one in own neck of the woods, where the institution of arrangedmarriage is still alive and kicking. In an arranged marriage, the couples must get the consent of their parents. Whenever we talk of indian wedding, we try to associate it with arranged marriages. Contents some idea about love marriage its advantages its. Arranged marriage also called prearranged marriage is a marriage arranged by someone other than the persons getting married, curtailing or avoiding the process of courtship.

Love marriage vs arranged marriage 1 love vs arranged marriage. Love can often let you down, whereas an arranged marriage is based on expectations that are reasonable. An arranged marriage is one in which there are not all the grand expectations that there are when love is involved. The story starts with the two friends shivani and mansi. In the love marriage vs arranged marriage statistics a survey conducted by market research firm ipsos found out in 20 that 74% of indians prefer an arranged marriage. Love marriage vs arranged marriage archives category the. Love marriage is the idea that marriage is done on the basis of affection, love, commitment, and attraction. Find out the answer for the eternal debate on love marriage vs arranged marriage. Benefits and drawbacks love marriage love marriage vs arranged marriage debate advantages.

Arranged marriage is better because both the individuals know that they have to adjust and compromise with each other. Compare and contrast between arranged marriage and love. In the past, almost all marriages were arranged however in these modern times, many are opting to break from tradition and instead pursue a love marriage. Aaj hum love marriage vs arranged marriage in hindi vishay par charcha karne wale hai. One thing that marks love marriage different from arranged marriage is the duration of knowing each other. Con states that in love marriages, there is no such issue to blame parents and relatives, which is untrue as in some situations, families place pressure on their child by not accepting their future childinlaw, causing issues. Love marriages break faster than arranged marriages. Due to the social structure, the concept of arranged marriage is. Love marriages vs arranged marriages group discussion indiabix. In my point of view, love marriage is better than arrange marriage. Difference between love marriage and arrange marriage. Differnce between love marriage vs arranged marriage times of. We lined up common sense arguments and expert opinion. Love marriage and arranged marriage advantages and authorstream presentation.

Getting into perspective it is important to understand that although love marriage vs arranged marriage has been one of those unending debates, ultimately, both of these underlie the same concept, they are just different approaches to a common destination, which is ensuring a. Love marriage or arranged marriage is an indian soap opera that airs on sony entertainment television from 6 august 2012 and stars rishika mihani and samaira rao, himanshu malhotra and ashish kapoor. Love marriage vs arranged marriage post wedding life. Regret and blame occurs to all divorcees, it is not an exclusive burden for arranged marriage couples. So i think if there is better understanding between two than they are suitable for marrying, family must not put pressure to there children to get married according to their wish, but help them to find better. Such marriages are common in the middle east,citation needed and south asia. Pdf in the popular discourse, arranged marriage and love marriage are assumed to be radically.

The love marriage vs arranged marriage debate points to the changes in the way young people prefer to find their soulmate. Love marriage vs arranged marriage group discussion ideas. Group member hossain,suraiya 247252 bhakat, samadrita 246102 bhakat, anindita 246092 nahar,lutfun 246612 hasan,syed mehedi 246272 3. Love marriage vs arranged marriagethe debate wedamor.

Yes in this generation, no one wants to marry a person their parents found them. You take the serious decision to marry him, for he suits your expectations, not because you have been told by your elders. Marriage based on trust and happiness in addition to keeping respect the priority for each other, is the secret of long term and successful marriage. So, the decision to choose the life partner should be in ones own hands. Unlike love marriages, arranged marriages are more stable. Love marriage vs arrange marriage group discussion topics. It might be true while in reality the couples who are married are either in love with one another or the marriages are finalized or arranged by their family members. A marriage where the bride and the groom has fallen in love and decides to marry each other which one is better. Moreover in arranged marriage, you have an excitement to explore the other person. A love marriage is a marriage of two individuals based upon mutual love, affection, commitment and attraction. Love marriage vs arranged marriage two sides of the same.

So, if my parents had a good marriage, which mine did, then i might trust them to arrange a marriage for me. Further, the extent to which this is custom is a product of a patriarchal culture that oppresses women and an element of that culture which maintains the imbalance. Love marriage vs arranged marriage free download as powerpoint presentation. The following marriage definition essay will examine the two types of marriages, namely arranged and love marriage. In love marriage, the bride and the groom are in love prior to the marriage and agree to marry each other. One of its greatest boons is obviously the fact that no one interferes in the selection of your soul mate. Love marriage vs arranged marriage who is the undeniable. We take a cold hard look at the pros and cons of love marriages and arranged marriages. On the other hand, deepali mangla, our real bride who had an arranged match a year ago, said your whole world changes. Thats not all, we also sought expert opinion on marriages for love and. Love marriage vs arranged marriage a comprehensive analysis.

This becomes an important aspect in building a base to the relationship. The debate comparing love marriage and arranged marriage is an ageold one. The stability of your marriage depends upon the strong foundation of your love for each other. Love marriage wouldnt expect any dowri, they expect only love til their life end. Which is better love marriage or arranged marriage.

Comparison and contrast between arranged marriage and love marriage it is believed that marriages are made in heaven. Both arranged and love marriage have their pros and cons. Love marriage vs arrange marriage which one is better. In love marriages, couple knew each other very well and most probably they already understood each other fully. Every individual wants to have a perfect match, but. They want to venture out and find a nice person themselves. In love marriages, there will be no question on whether love happens or not.

An arranged marriage reflects the actual idea that marriage is a contract and both parties know what to expect from the other. My first love marriage lasted 17 years and my present, second, love marriage is now 25 years old. The arranged marriage vs love marriage debate is one that will may never be resolved. Love marriage gives a confident to survive our life without anyone help. Arranged marriage is not a true cultural value that is in some sense inviolate. Touba touba arrange marriage trying to find a friend in a wife. Arranged marriage vs love marriage the undying debate. The main thing in love marriage is,it cant see the caste at all. So let me list the advantages of arranged marriages so you can understand exactly why its bette. It is when the guy and the girl have met once or twice before they get to decide whe. Are arranged marriages better than marrying for love. In contemporary india, there is a growing perception that arranged marriages are giving way to love marriages. Whether it is love marriage or arranged marriage, if couples are ready to make compromises, trust each other, care and love with no pretenses to keep, respect each other feelings, cooperate and help each other, patient enough to solve any problem that comes in the way then such bond, such marriage lasts happily till the end irrespective of any. Arranged marriages are pretty public, they often involve religious and cultural ceremonies, a great deal of expense families travelling abroad, and an include an entire network of people.

These are some of the advantages in both love and arranged marriages. Every major religion including islam guarantees the legitimacy of freedom of choice in marriage. On the other hand, a love marriage is a marriage which is arranged by the partners themselves. This prevents trusting people blindly, which happens in some. The society thinks that women often make a mistake in choosing a good spouse for them, whereas parents are less likely to err in choosing a good man for their daughters. It states that marriage is an everyday partnership where sometimes you need to arrange the love and at other times you have to love the arrangement. A marriage where the brides and the grooms parents decides the match love marraige. An arranged marriage is a marriage that is arranged by persons other than the two who are getting married.

Ab bacche chahte hai ki ghar wale unki pasand ke sathi ke sath unka vivah kare. Presenting thereby the debate love marriage vs arranged marriage. In arranged marriages, parents inquire about each others family and their circle. Love marriage vs arranged marriage debate in english. Love marriage defies all the risks involved in it and shatters societal belief in choosing the right partner. Love marriage and arranged marriage advantages and. Arranged marriage is viewed more secured than love marriage. This is what finally matters in your married life not the race of love marriage vs arranged.

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